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1What types of temperature-sensitive products can AbangCold handle?
AbangCold specializes in handling chill, frozen, and ambient products, ensuring their quality and integrity during transportation.
2How can your planning and strategizing services benefit my business's logistics operations?
Our planning and strategizing services optimize supply chain processes, reduce costs, and enhance logistics efficiency, tailored to your specific business requirements
3Could you provide more details about your Halal goods handling services?
We handle Halal goods with the utmost respect for religious and cultural sensitivities, adhering to strict Halal standards and ensuring integrity throughout the process. To further strengthen this we are heading towards full fledge certification by 2025
4What distinguishes your route planning and strategizing services from others in the market?
Our route planning experts use advanced techniques to minimize delivery times, reduce transportation costs, and maximize resource efficiency, making your logistics operations more cost-effective.
5Which industries does AbangCold specialize in serving in Malaysia?
We cater to various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and other sectors related to the cold chain, ensuring compliance with industry-specific standards.

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